Welcome to the publishing channel of our Blunity project. Blunity is our multimedia effort to unite progressive-minded Americans  —leftists, liberals, progressives, moderates, establishmentites, new dems, blue-dog dems, growth dems, liberal libertarians, aware conservatives— to bash through our existential crisis, marginalize regressives, and bring American government back in line with its true values: fairness, openness, progress, equality, inclusion, innovation, success, human rights, knowledge, and consideration of people before profit.

We aspire for Blunity to be a hub of liberal opinions and ideas, in addition to directing our users to mainstream progressive information, data, opinions, and journalism.

Several core areas integral to Blunity:

Blue Tide: Our effort to conceive, emphasize, clarify, influence, promote, and spread the many laws, policies, actions, movements that are occurring in blue states and progressive-leaning cities in the areas of economics, governance, fair pay, rights, clean energy, wellcare, gun control, the environment, education, benefits, and liberty. As well as, letting our conservative counterparts hear how they’re getting shafted in their home states.

Crisis Strategy: For decades democrats and the liberal-minded have had their asses handed to them by regressives in the blood sport of branding and rhetoric. Decades! One of our missions is to ignite, energize, and optimize progressives’ war of words before regressives gaslight us into oblivion. The crisis planning we envision doesn’t involve hand-wringing, but will be fun, vociferous, strategic, diabolical, clever, aggressive, forward, impactful, modern, decisive, advancing, revolutionary, digital, crisp, enterprising, and broadly attractive.

Psychographics: the psychological/analytical marketing art of diverging one’s politicking and messaging, depending on the ideological personality traits of people, in order to motivate or depress activation outcomes. Democrats fall in love; republicans fall in line; so the influencing content they receive should be different.

Blue states’ rights: advocating for progressive states’ rights to governance, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as their majority ideology dictates; and for blue states to embrace this in the current political climate. Democrats are getting a crash course in federalism; with much to learn and much opportunity.

Blunity’s goal is unity via awareness. We will, together.

With togetherness in mind:
Blunity aspires to elevate, and innovate from, our broader community. Our rules of the road demand, in the least, a modicum of decorum. We suggest a mental guideline on discourse of: “I hear you, but here are my thoughts…”
Our sites, where applicable, support advocacy for candidates, whose candidacies will bring a progressive-minded super-majority to power.
Our sites do not support advocacy for voting against Democrats or not voting!
Blunity will not allow intra-progressive attacking, when the real goal is marginalizing regressives.

Because, together, united, we shall not be defeated, again. We propose.
Madison and the team at Blunity.